Our network

Since its launch in the year 2000, Policies for Culture has worked in partnership with a variety of individuals and organisations, both public and private. This led to the development of a wide network throught the SEE region. Among its institutional partners, Policies for Culture can count:

ACT Institute, Tirana
Albanian National Film Centre
Faculty of Drama Arts, University of Tirana
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Albania
National Center of Cinematography
Parliamentary Commission on Culture, Science and Sports of the Albanian Parliament
“Perpjekja” Cultural Quarterly

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Citizens' Association 'DON', Prijedor
The Municipality of Prijedor

Ancient Plovdiv Trust
Centre for Culture & Debate “The Red House”, Sofia
Cultural Department of the Municipality of Plovdiv
Department of “History and Theory of Culture”, University “St. Klement Ochridski”, Sofia
Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Center, Sofia
European Cultural Month Plovdiv 99 - Foundation
"Kultura" magazine
Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria
Plovdiv Municipal Institute for Museum Activities
Soros Centre for Cultural Policies, Sofia
Tehnological Park Culture Association, Sofia

Art Club Gal, Rijeka
Association 'Drugo More' - 'The Other Sea', Rijeka
City Office for Culture, Zagreb
Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Rijeka
Department of Comparative Literature, University of Zagreb
Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Zagreb
"Druga Strana" - Centre for a Culture of Dialogue, Zagreb
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Multimedia Institute MI2, Zagreb
Rijeka City Council - Committee for Culture, Technical Culture and Sport
Zarez Cultural Magazine, Zagreb

Association for Citizen Tolerance and Cooperation - ACTAC ('AGTIS'), Prilep
Association of Macedonian Houses of Culture
Delegation of the European Commission to FYROM
“Margina” magazine
“Marko Cepenkov” House of Culture, Prilep
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia
Open Society Institute Macedonia
PAC Multimedia, Skopje
Prilep Centre for Contemporary Arts
Prilep Local Municipal Government
'Vojdan Cernodrinski' People's Theatre, Prilep

“'22” Magazine, Bucharest
Arad County Council
Arad County Cultural Centre
Culture Committee of the Lower House of the Romanian Parliament
Directorate for Culture, National Heritage and Religious Affairs of the Timis County
Institute for Public Policies, Bucharest
Intercultural Institute, Timisoara
“La&i cultural supplement”, Bucharest
Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania
“Observator Cultural” Magazine, Bucharest
Project DCM Foundation, Bucharest
Third Europe Foundation, Timisoara
Timis County Council
Timisoara Local Council
Timisoara Mayoralty
UNITER - Theatre Union of Romania, Bucharest

Ministry of Culture of Montenegro
Nansen Dialogue Centre Montenegro (NDCM)
Vijesti cultural supplement

“Alternativa Noua” Association, Chisinau
Contrafort monthly cultural magazine, Chisinau
Culture Department of the Municipality of Chisinau
Ministry of Culture of Moldova
Open Society Institute Moldova

Alternative Circle, Kragujevac
Association of Fine Arts, Sabac
Centre for Study in Cultural Development, Belgrade
City Council of Kragujevac
G17+, Uzice
Municipality of Arilje
Municipality of Bajina Basta
Municipality of Obrenovac (City of Belgrade)
Municipality of Pozega
Municipality of Sabac
Municipality of Sombor
Municipality of Uzice
NGO “What you want”, Obrenovac
NGO Akademska Alternativa, Uzice
NGO ARGO, Sombor
NGO Centar Kreativnog Okuplja, Arilje
NGO Drina - Network for Transition and Regionalism, Bajina Basta
NGO Forum of Civil Action – FORCA, Pozega
NGO Kolektiv, Sabac
NGO Mladi Grasak - Centre for Art, Culture, Media and Social Issues, Belgrade
Obrenovac Local Government Executive Board for Culture (City of Belgrade)
Regional Council of NGOs, Sombor
University of Arts in Belgrade